Discover Why Thousands Love This Air Purifier

If you haven’t already read my long and detailed list on the best air purifiers for smoke of 2018, then I urge you to do so!

Now, as you can easily guess like the smart guy or gal that you are, I am going to give you the nitty gritty of this purifier that is one of the my favorite for the following reasons:

  • An amazing price that feels like a steal, because for less than $200 USD you get an awesome purifier that will eliminate any trace of smoke from your house/room
  • A super-complete cleaning system designed to kill odor, because I love how this product is specialized on removing smoke odor from the environment
  • Super quiet that you can actually sleep while using it, because if you need to clean another room during the night, then this purifier won’t bother you at all. Not even a bit.

I have explained to you in less than 200 words why thousands of people (including me) love this product. It is practical, cheap and it works… what else could you ask for?

Need more details before getting it? Then keep reading for a more complete revision.

Cleaning the Air like a Beast for a Low Price:

I understand where you are coming from: not all of us can spend several hundreds of bucks on an air purifier.

That is why I vouch for the Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800, because after reviewing so many cheap air purifiers for cigarette smoke (hint: most of them utterly suck), I found that this one works extremely well thanks to its complete and cutting edge cleaning system.

While other options in the market for a similar price solely bother on filtering particles by using three stages, this one beats them all with its powerful and efficient 7-stage system.

To keep it sweet and straight to the point, here you have it summarized:

  1. The first two stages take care of cleaning the air from large particles and pollutants
  2. The third stage is where the odor elimination magic happens, and believe me that it works wonderfully well, all thanks to its amazing carbon activated filter
  3. The following stages take care of killing germs, bacteria, getting rid of chemical vapor and mold spores.

All in all, thanks to this amazing cleaning system you will be able to breathe refresher and healthier air.

Live a Healthier Life thanks to the Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800:

It is evident that by having cleaner and healthier air at home, your health will improve.

There are so many diseases and negative effects linked to air pollution:

  • Shortened life span
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Damage to cells of the respiratory system
  • Development of allergies and asthma
  • Possible development of cancer

Scary, right? That is why it is mandatory to purify the air, so you and your family can keep your lungs and bodies clean.

I know you came here looking for something that will simply disappear that disgusting smoke odor that will leave your guests disappointed, but this purifier offers you more than that.

You need to look for a product that offers more value than you ask for, and I can tell you with confidence that this one is an excellent choice.

I know that many products say the same, but from experience, I can tell you with all the confidence in the world that this air purifier delivers what it promises.

Moreover, I have observed that many others say the same about it, and not in vain it is one of the most popular options in Amazon.

Some Notes:

However, everything has its “dark” side, and this product is not the exception to the rule!

Keep in mind that it emits ozone, and therefore, some people may react negatively to it. Obviously, if you are one of them, then this purifier may not be the best option for you.

If you are looking for an equally cheap solution that doesn’t emit ozone, then you should check out the Levoit Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter. It works very well and keeps the ozone out of the equation.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Now you know the good and the bad of this product. I would rate it a 9/10 for its price range, because it definitively offers a lot of value in return.

Only keep in mind the notes I pointed out, and if you are comfortable with them, then I can tell you from now that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.